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Joséphine - what is under the mask
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(Thursday, June 25th)
praise: Reflections on a year and a half of serving Princess Hollie, part 4
(Monday, December 12th)
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Important shopping information
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News of My Realm
(Wednesday, January 5th)
Petition to buy a pair of boots for Me
(Sunday, January 24th)
Shopping Therapy
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Monday Humiliation Task
Deep-throat a banana. You never know when you'll need that skill.
A little poem from Joséphine:
Breathing in i am a calm bitch
My breath infusing me with peace
I hold and i am healthy
My mind discovers strength
Breathing out She realizes Her power
Emptying lung carry adoration
I breathe in again
Sinking deeper
Rising higher
Accepting, welcoming
With awe
And again...
And again....

(Added Wednesday, January 5th)

Upcoming travel and shopping
I will be making a long-weekend trip somewhere with a street filled with luxury stores. You lucky bitches get to send to My CashMe to fund a shopping spree!

Your deadline is the last day of September. Put "shopping" in the comment line so I know that you are treating me.

Each $50 contribution buys you 50 seconds with your hand. $10k should suffice, so I'm giving the world almost three hours of approved wanking.

(Added Monday, September 24th)

Wants and Needs



  • Stuart Weitzman Highland, Topo Suede, size 7

A good bitch sent Me the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, so it is too late for that.

(Added Thursday, July 19th)

Male Chastity Day
Thursday is Male Chastity Day. Tomorrow is the last day to send your intake fee if you want one of My locks. Include an extra $50 for locks tomorrow.

I will delete any combination or plastic lock pictures that are sent before I receive the intake fees, so bitches who are using lock boxes or numbered locks should be certain to pay first. Obviously, I will also ignore bitches who haven't paid the fee, so don't bother to make excuses for why you can't follow simple directions.

For you lucky bitches who have already paid your fees, I will expect evidence that you are locked as soon after your clock strikes midnight on the 15th as you can.

MCD locked bitches will be released on March 1st, at My convenience, unless you have been told otherwise. I will not be granting early release for anything other than medical emergencies, so think carefully before locking in a punishment spike or anything else you might want removed before the time is up.

(Added Sunday, February 11th)

Christmas 2017
If you are shipping a Christmas gift to Me (in addition to sending cash, of course), you have only one week remaining for delivery. Late fees will apply to any initial packages arriving after Christmas -- bitches sending gifts for the 12 days of Christmas should, of course, have a package arrive each day.

Remember, cash first, then you can try to impress Me with packages tied up with bows.

(Added Saturday, December 16th)

Christmas List for 2017
Well, fuckboys, bitches, slaves, and sluts, it is that time of the year again. Before you know it, I'll be drinking eggnog while Santa is kneeling and kissing My gorgeous feet.

Since he is going to be busy showing Me what a good little bitch he is, I've trimmed My Christmas list to one item: cash, and tons of it.

Hurry, and fill My stockings with hundreds.

P. S. Do not neglect My Wants and Needs.

(Added Thursday, November 30th)

Lost panties
Dear pantie slaves:

I was in a rush when I packed to return from My last trip, and I left My panties in the hotel. My loss is your gain, because now you get to pay for Me to shop for replacements.

I'm even more generous than that... I will let you give suggestions on what I should buy to replace the sexy panties I lost... just take a picture of yourself wearing the favorite pair that you think could grace My panty drawer and tweet it @PRINCESSD0MME. If I like what I see, I'll let you buy a pair for Me.

If I do not like what I see, or if you are too bashful to accept this generosity, then you may just send gift cards from VS, AP, or for La Perla.

Make yourselves pretty for Me, sissies, and make Me happy.

(Added Friday, August 18th)

Reminder: gift giving time
Slaves, sluts, and piggies should remember that gifts must arrive before September first, lest you be assessed a tardy fine.

(Added Wednesday, August 9th)

It has been far too long since I have had a proper vacation. Start sending offerings with "for Your vacation, Your Highness" in the memo line. Think big, send often, imagine the fun I will have. Offerings to$princessdomme. Extra praise to the bitch who also sends Choo Nya 120s for My trip.

(Added Wednesday, July 12th)

Spring, the birds, and the bees
Spring has arrived at last. Now is the time to start sending booties.

My sissies should start looking for floral dresses. Put away your black thongs; only pastels for My panty bitches until summer whites and neons.

Send your keyholding fees and keys, and stop worrying about the birds and the bees. Spring is the best season to serve Me in chastity.

Celebrate the new season with an offering and a humiliation task for My amusement.

(Added Monday, March 20th)

I am adding pictures to My gallery to make you weak and to humiliate My sissy sluts.

You may thank Me with an extravagant offering.

(Added Saturday, March 4th)

Website changes
Look around, bitches. I've made some changes.

More to come.

(Added Tuesday, February 28th)

Gym motivation
Sluts, fuckboys, and pigs:

After suffering through the flu and a few weeks of other unpleasant distractions, I need a little motivation to get back to the gym. That means that you will start sending Me cash for Lululemon, because I am fabulous.

I'll take offerings at$princessdomme rather than gift cards. I'll let you surprise me with the amount. Don't disappoint!

(Added Tuesday, February 21st)

New key holding rates
You little bitches are so eager to be locked that I have a fiscal responsibility to raise My rates for holding keys and tormenting locked pets.

The new rates are

  • $250 intake fee
  • $25 weekly holding fee
  • $250 release/return fee
Don't delay... you know that you want to belong to Me.

(Added Sunday, January 8th)

Girl's Weekend II
It is time for another girl's weekend. I deserve it.

The best news is that You get to fund it, bitches! Head right over to$PrincessDomme and start paying for Our fabulous time. Afterwards, you may send a thank You note; I may even acknowledge you.

Get to pleasing.

(Added Thursday, November 3rd)

Chastity and Keyholding
I will graciously virtually hold the keys to lock away your little worm or clitty. My terms for this kindness are
  • I will lock you for a minimum of two weeks
  • you will make in intake fee of $100
  • you will pay a weekly holding fee of $25
  • you will pay a retrieval fee of $100
You may submit to me in one of the following fashions:
  1. place the keys in a lock box. You will send a photo of the combination when you set it and delete the photo from your records. When the period of chastity is over, I will send the combination back.
  2. put the key in a DIY holding tube, held in place with a plastic numbered tag. You will provide daily and on-demand evidence that the key is still held by the correct tag.
  3. use a plastic numbered tag as the lock. There is an additional $10 for the holding fee with this option, because you will be sending evidence that the numbered tag is correct, and I will have to look at that evidence.

I will not accept control until the intake fee has been paid.

I will consider early release if a suitable offering is made.

I may impose further demands while you are under My control.

If you behave badly when you are under My control, I will sever communication.

If we do not agree upon the length of the chastity period before I take control of the keys, you will be locked as long as I desire.

(Added Wednesday, September 14th)

Kate Spade is having a sale this instant.

Send offerings of $200 to$PrincessDomme and stop being completely useless, bitches.

(Added Friday, August 26th)

Clearing the undergarment drawer
UPDATE: Well, that was fast. $150 for 12 used panties I was going to have the sissy maid use as polishing rags.
A dozen discarded panties
I cleaned out my undergarment drawer last week, you lucky sissy boys. Beg Me to be considered for the things I'll otherwise discard.

Make your offering worthy.

(Added Wednesday, August 17th)

Panty bidding
Update: Clearly, the auction is over. The winning bid was $65, received from a very shy boy via DM. My poor little pantied bitch missed out, but I may provide more opportunities in the future.

(Originally posted June 15) This week, I demanded an offering from My often chaste and pantied bitch for a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret. While I was there, I bought a pair of something suitably humiliating for the bitch. Then I decided to wear them for a workout at the gym, and to give him the opportunity to buy them.

I've decided that the little bitch hasn't earned an exclusive purchasing opportunity, so until July 1st, I will accept bids for this pair of worn panties. Bidding starts at $25.

Eager bitches may place your bids on Twitter by tagging Me (@PRINCESSD0MME) or #princesspantybidding, or you may Petition Me with your bid.

I may or may not allow Myself to be influenced by offerings accompanying bids.

(Added Wednesday, July 13th)

Changes are coming.

Start saving, because you'll be giving Me much more.

(Added Wednesday, March 16th)

Lost Luggage punishment
In December, the airline lost My luggage. I held a contest to replace the bag and the boots that were inside. A slave i had pre-selected lost, and you sluts voted that he be punished. It took some time, but I was finally able to settle on a suitable method.

While traveling on business, My slave was to spend ten minutes each day in a variation of "cornertime:" standing on his toes, he holds a coin to the wall and repeats "adore Princess Hollie. Spoil Princess Hollie. Worship Princess Hollie." He must wear only My pretty panties, and clasp his hands behind his back. If the coin fell or his heels touched the floor, he must start over and add 5 more minutes.

The trip was 8 days. He was a good slut, and only dropped the coin once.

Can you match the slut's devotion? Give it a try for two days, and tweet the results. Extra points for verified photographic evidence. Winners will be allowed to make a $50 contribution to My next trip via$Princessdomme;losers can slink away or make a $100 contribution.

(The bitch transgressed this morning, so I sentenced him to another week, with a base of 11 minutes. Perhaps I will make him use the previous day's panties instead of a coin.)

(Added Sunday, February 28th)

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day has past. Your gifts are now late. The fine for arrivals this week is $50, payable via$Princessdomme.

I was merciful and gave a reminder of this, the day in February when you should spoil Me the most. I will not give any leniency for delays caused by delivery companies; in fact, I will add on a fine for carelessness should any of you fuckboys try to use that as an excuse.

Good sluts sent cash, and lots of it. I was pleased.

Very good sluts sent gifts in that famous blue box.

(Added Tuesday, February 16th)

We are still in boot season, but you had better choose a classic.

(Added Tuesday, February 16th)

... and the "next trip" I mentioned is next weekend. Get out your wallets, fuckboys.

I'm combining a ski weekend with an Established Tribute Giving Occasion, which means that you get to fill My accounts with spending money. Tributes will be via$princessdomme until further notice.

Don't embarrass yourself by sending too little. Tribute early and often to make My Valentine's Day special.

I demand more. Give it to Me.

(Added Monday, February 8th)

Girls' weekend
My girls' weekend away was a rousing success. In addition to having you bitches buy My luggage and boots, a good little piggy covered the hotel. That, with the company of My girlfriend, would have made the weekend worthwhile.

Of course, there is a difference between "worthwhile" and "successful," and that difference is what separates peasants and Royalty. The short list of differences includes

  • VS shopping and humiliation of My panty slut
  • paypigs covering drinks every night, on demand
  • Twitter humiliation and rinsing of piggies
Yes, success is all-expenses paid, on demand, with nothing given in return except humiliation.

I'm looking forward to the next trip, with more of the same.

(Added Saturday, February 6th)

Lost Luggage results
I am pleased to say that both the bag and the Chacos have been replaced, several times over. Good sluts! The turn-out for the contest was lower than I expected, but there were plenty of smaller tributes and contributions to My upcoming travels and shopping therapy, so I am only slightly disappointed in you; you aren't completely worthless, only partially. C'est la vie.

I am pleased with your selflessness, but a little surprised at the vigor with which you voted to have My slave receive punishment. Well done! I'll continue to review the suggestions, mostly because some of them were truly wicked. My losing slave should start worrying.

(Added Monday, January 25th)


NOW! Because I demand it.

Make yourself useful and make Me happy.

(Added Sunday, January 24th)

Lost luggage contest
Update: The contest is now closed. I will announce the results shortly.

Minions, servants, slaves, sluts, and piggies:

The airline lost My bag on the return from My last vacation, taking My beloved Chacos with it. I will be replacing them with a Diane von Furstenberg, in Beet, and Chaco Barbary in Topaz, 6 1/2.

I am certain that a particular slave will be scrimping and saving to replace them before the end of the month, but wouldn't it be fun to deprive him of the privilege? Of course it would.

The rules of the contest are simple:

  1. Send a GiftRocket or CashMe offering for the cost of either the boots or the bag – making certain to indicate which item you are replacing – to Me before January 20th;
  2. Indicate whether I should give a reward to you, a punishment to My slave, or both;
  3. Any entries for an item which arrive after My slave replaces it will not qualify for either the voting or the potential reward.
At the end of the contest, I will have the votes tallied, and will administer either a suitable reward to two lucky contestants, or a suitable punishment to My tardy slave.

Of course, I and I alone will decide what constitutes a suitable reward or punishment.

The clock is ticking and your Princess is waiting.

(Added Thursday, January 21st)

Pantied servants
I have graciously decided to allow My servants to wear pretty panties to help focus their minds on Me.

My little pantied sluts may beg Me for the privilege and wait for My permission, or the sissy may just pay a daily tax.

(Added Monday, January 4th)

Updated shopping list
I have updated My Amazon shopping list for post-holiday offerings.

Don't disappoint Me or keep Me waiting.

(Added Saturday, January 2nd)

Christmas is behind us, and, while I am generally pleased with My servants' show of devotion, I must say that I am terribly disappointed that not one of you managed to nab this coat before My size was gone. Certainly the boots, shoes, and blue boxes from Tiffany were delightful, but, really, a demand is a demand.

Find a way to make amends (hint). Twice.

(Added Thursday, December 31st)

Addicted to Me
As you know, My life is so much more interesting than yours. Feed your addition to Me by following My tweets (conveniently displayed in the news of My realm).

(Added Thursday, March 26th)

ETGO Explained
It seems that some of you are too dumb to figure out why the ETGOs are important (other than the fact that I have said they are, which, really should be enough for you), so I'll explain.
September 1st
This is My birthday, and the start of My devotees' calendar year.
September 22nd
The first day of Autumn, when I begin wearing the boots that drive you all mad.
December 25th
Christmas. I can't fathom how you couldn't figure that one out.
February 14th
St. Valentine's Day. Red hearts, chocolate, red roses, expensive dinners -- for Me, of course. You can take your girlfriend to McDonald's with what you don't spend on Me.
June 21st
The first day of Summer, when I break out the McQueen slides, the Kors bikini or the Beckham dress, and enjoy the sun.
Don't worry that you've had a tough time figuring this out, Buttercup -- My interest in you doesn't revolve around how well you think. What really matters is that you serve Me devotedly. Of course, part of that devotion is remembering ETGOs, so get them on you calendar... and start saving, because Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many of you have a tax to pay on your tardy Christmas tributes. Remember: better to ship "next day" than to displease your Princess!

(Added Tuesday, March 24th)

More closet space
As I said in My note about graduation, I have moved. My new home in the country has much more closet space than My city place did.

This, of course, means that I have more room for shoes, boots, My leather and latex collection, and this season's haute couture.

Coincidently, September 1st is the beginning of your new calendar year, and Nordstrom's has a nice selection of leopard booties. (Of course, since you can't possibly get them delivered to Me in time, you will also have to pay a tardy tax. This little item by Northbound would be a fine alternative. Either way, beg to send them soon to keep your taxes low.

And don't forget that boot season starts on September 23rd this year, so you will have an extra day for that offering.

You'd better hurry, piggies, before space gets low and taxes get high. Shop shop!

(Added Sunday, August 31st)

I graduated from college in August!

This means two things:

  1. You have another opportunity to send something nice to Me (hint: a nice massage or a month of yoga would not go amiss.)
  2. I'll be moving soon.
If you were useful at all, you would be obeying the demand below, firstly because I have demanded it, and secondly because I will have moving expenses.

Get clicking and adore Me!

(Oh, and don't forget that My birthday is in one short month. I expect extreme generosity. Give until it hurts, then give more.)

(Added Tuesday, August 26th)